Franklin, NC
North Carolina Residential Builder #56753
Specialized turn key construction of luxury mountain log cabins,
shuttle delivery and erection to high elevation building codes.

8" by 8" pressure treated, kiln dried, eastern white pine logs

Extra heavy duty foundation below frost line

24" wide 12" thick footings with 5/8" steel reinforcement
Continuous bond beam with 2 rows of steel

Numerous options on basements all require concrete slab floor
Minimum of 48" crawl space for maximum ventilation
Moisture barrier, foundation vents
Floor trusses are used to complete & seal sub-floor

Conventional framing for interior
All interior walls are non-load bearing
Exterior framed gable end with heavy duty insulation
Skylight windows available at exposed ridge support beam
Exterior log siding

R-48 insulated heavy duty metal roof

tongue & groove milled D-Logs
(top, bottom & joint bevels)

expanding gasket between each log & all joints
log walls anchored with 12" Boss Hog Log screws

continuous wall rods
(from top course to sub floor)
with adjusting nut and spring to keep walls compressed

2'X8" rough window & door framing

4"x8" cabin roof rafters, exposed interior


4"x8" ridge beam with adjuster exposed interior

4"x6" exposed interior ridge beam support

hurricane straps on each rafter, at eave & ridge

2"x6" collier ties

house wrap, plywood sheeting (no OSB) & log siding

interior framed for 1/2" sheet rock on gable end interior

log siding on exterior floor band board

steps, rear landing & front porch

2"x6" tongue & groove interior exposed ceiling
with 30# felt on exterior

4"x8" exposed porch rafters (double hurricane straps)

4"x8" porch top plate with 5/8" galvanized bolts

exposed 2"x6" tongue & groove porch ceiling

6"x6" porch post, galvanized high wind anchors

bolted 2"x10 porch header
with galvanized flashing

2"x6" porch stringers

5/4"x6" decking
fastened with 3" galvanized screws

2"x8 & 2"x10 porch double band board, bolted