Franklin, NC
MUSINGS, by Bill Mull

Oftentimes folks call me when the first inkling of living in the
mountains strike them.  Whether your desire is a permanent mountain
home, a get-away vacation home, or those fortunate enough to look at
real estate as rental or investment property, something I want to
relay is that a custom built log home is first and foremost a GOOD
INVESTMENT for generations to come.
As a North Carolina native who followed his Daddy around his building
sites from a young age, through my apprenticeship years, experiences,
and ultimate ownership as a building contractor, I'd like to pass along
some good old "
mountain common sense".

Just because a property is in a mountain "region" doesn't necessarily
make it a good investment.  What does?? That old cliche ... location,
location, location!  Seclusion, privacy and exceptional natural
surroundings are important but equally important is close proximity to
health care, emergency fire services, requisite shopping requirements,
in addition to entertainment & dining enjoyment.

Secondly, consider aesthetics.  Orientation like a southern exposure is
desirable in the mountains.  The north side of a mountain is the
coldest in winter and has more rock (including big boulders underneath
the surface).  Also consider a state or county road department's
capacity to keep the roadways maintained and mowed, plus roads clear
of snow in the winter.  A dirt road is in a class of its own with access
and maintenance problems.

Mountain "region" doesn't necessarily mean cool weather. Consider the
aviation formula that each 1,000 foot elevation affects temperature.  
The temps between Franklin &
Hawthorne Place vary 10 degrees.

Another major consideration for the future is energy efficiency.  
Increased costs are certain!  There are lots of articles debating
differences between log homes vs stick built homes.  Government tests
proved that an 8" log wall alone has an insulation factor with an
R-value of 19+ that is equal to stick built homes with insulation
between the studs and the wall with an R-value of 19+ ...
BUT their
research found that a log home could be heated and cooled more
quickly from the energy stored inside the 8" log walls.  There is no
energy stored in fiberglass insulation.
That's a big cost savings over the course of a year.  

At 3,800 feet in altitude, my log homes are built to the southern high
elevation building codes for 135 mph winds.  There are good videos on
the Weather Channel of high winds from close proximity to tornadoes
that shows homes blown off their foundations in one piece.  That won't
happen to a Bill Mull quality-built home with beefed up footers,
foundations, additional securement to foundation, hurricane strapped
roof tie-ins and heavy duty metal roof.  All windows and doors are not
created equal; ours must withstand 135 mph winds.

Each of the 9 buildable lots in
Hawthorne Place require floor plans
suited to the terrain.  There are 4 ridge top and 4 mountainside lots
still to choose from, and I'd be pleased to sit down with you to
discuss your vision for the future and hope that my engineer approved
plans are what you're looking for.

Give me a call:    (828) 342-0380
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We promise to treat everyone with respect following our
Christian principles, and offer excellence in service and
craftsmanship, in a timely manner in accordance with our
contractual obligations.  
Our goal is to exceed your expectations.

Best Regards,   Bill Mull