Franklin, NC
February 1, 2008

Open Letter From:    Gary Crutcher, Author
                      Las Vegas NV

    This is pure and simple a totally honest testimonial from an individual, sick of the dirt,
    the lack of identity and crowing of big city living in America, who went in search of
    something better and found it. Having slaved away nearly fifty years at the Hollywood
    studios as a writer, actor, producer and in various capacities in the story department of
    Warner, Disney, Columbia and CBS from 1956 to 2002, I retired and decided to write a
    massive tell-all book … called “Bent Truth” … about the (in)famous people and experiences
    I had encountered during my questionable and shady career. Where to write this book,
    not to be published until after my death? There's a piece of paradise in the Smoky
    Mountains of North Carolina between two charmingly small towns populated by people with
    big hearts named Franklin and Highlands.

    A master architect named Bill Mull has built a beautiful log cabin on top of a mountain in a
    planned, rustic community in partnership with nature I'm staying at for nine months to
    complete my book. A thick forest of trees reach for the sky with the endlessly calming
    sound of Little Walnut Creek heard rushing its waters through the area.

    I have no financial interest in Mr. Mull's real estate project. My only interest in this
    beautiful area is creative in that it's been a perfect place to complete my book. For
    others who are looking for the near extinct American way of life, I can only say this area
    could represent no better place in the world to complete their lives.

    I have made many friends here since settling in to finish my book --one being Bill Mull
    himself and the real estate person … in Franklin, North Carolina representing Mr. Mull's
    project. If you're sick of the pressures of life where you live now, know you don't have
    to die to go to heaven --just move to Bill Mull's North Carolina.